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Our offerings include:

Full Restorations

As a result of our detailed and committed approach to every car that enters our premises, we find that the best solution is to only do full restorations. This is more cost effective for the customer, as well as a huge save on time, as opposed to restoring bit by bit.

This process includes the stripping of the vehicle to either a bare shell, splitting body and chassis, or to the required stage for bodywork and paint.
We are equipped with several panel beaters on board, so there are multiple options available to the needs of the project.



The replacement of running gear and chassis components
Wiring restoration or replacement, according to the need.

The importation of parts

We have a reliable agent, and have had the chance to build good relationships with professionals worldwide.

The stripping of upholstery

We are able to strip upholstery and refurbish all internals by upholsterers of the highest quality.

Mechanical work

We are able to do all mechanical work in house, but should the need arise, we have the availability of experts within the field to ensure the job is done to perfection.